to private development inside our National Parks

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POONA LAKE       perfect as it is

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The Queensland Government is in the process of handing out 30 year private leases inside our National Parks for commercial development of luxury accommodation. 

This is a major change to our National Parks, made without any public consultation.

Private land leases directly threaten National Park integrity. Five development sites are proposed for Cooloola National Park, including Double Island Point, Poona Lake and near Campsite 3 on the Noosa River.


These are some of the Park's most unique and sensitive places.


Private accommodation with dining and meeting spaces would provide wealthy visitors and corporate clients with luxury holidays in an exclusive location, whilst destroying significant natural and aesthetic values.

The Tourism Department is running our National Parks!

How is that OK?         

This needs sorting out!

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Poona Lake in Cooloola National Park is unique.

It is the only perched sand lake on the Australian mainland. 

It is beautiful, it is pristine, and it is very fragile.

Poona Lake is known and loved by many for its natural wild beauty

The Government intends to lease a 5000m2 site for private development of 10 x 38m2 luxury units with ensuites plus amenities buildings. 

Construction and full time operation of the cabins, service roads and power generators will threaten a delicate ecological balance and ruin a natural wonder.

All of this for what?

  • profits to private developers

  • the indulgence of wealthy tourists and corporate clients


Poona Lake is NOT the place for a 10 unit private hotel! 

It does not need this burden.

People who love Poona Lake do not want it.

More on the Poona Lake development

Image gallery of trees on proposed site 

See the whole proposal


Poona Lake and
Cooloola National Park

Site N_Scribblys & Pano_1200p.jpg

to the Noosa River
at Campsite 3

Consulting ecology and wetland experts deemed this site to be the one at most risk of serious impact if developed. The site sits upon a narrow sand ridge between the Noosa River and internationally significant patterned fens.

Why then was this site chosen, regardless of the expert advice?

In the Government's own words: "because it is the most scenic".

This is the reality of private commercial development within our National Parks. Significant ecological values will be sacrificed to the needs of private developers and the market. 

Site N_South View w Trail_HHP.10.jpg
Noosa River Trail_DSC00233_400p.jpg

The area in the aerial image marked in yellow is the proposed private lease site for development of six x 24m2 luxury 'glamping' tents and dining, shower and toilet facilities.

The long yellow line on the aerial image is currently a walking path, the Noosa River Trail. This intimate track, shown in the accompanying image, would be widened to build a roadway for truck access to service the site's development and operation.


This development would destroy the present trail along the 450m length between the private lease area and Campsite 3 and needlessly disturb site habitat as shown in the third image.

More about the Noosa River site