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PROTECT OUR PARKS ~ who and what is this?

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Concerned residents within the communities at the southern end of the Cooloola National Park.

Members of this group started the petition linked on these pages

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A large and established organisation within the communities at the northern end of the Cooloola National Park.

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Protect Our Parks is a platform to combine and amplify the voices of all those who recognise the importance that National Parks and protected areas have in our lives. Protect Our Parks provides a focus for action to ensure the natural diversity and integrity of these important spaces.

What do we stand for?        See here

Our National Parks face an immediate threat of private land leases and development for commercial profit. The Cooloola proposal demonstrates the State Government's unreasonable intent to make Parks pay their way at the cost of reduced protection of biodiversity, natural beauty and public space.

National Parks are the only place left where nature can exist without the threat and burden of private commercial industry. Now the profit takers want access to this last refuge. Private leases and development in our National Parks are a line in the sand. Crossing this line would be irreversible. It would occur at great expense to both ecological integrity and public equity.

It’s time to say NO. 

It is imperative that the State Government gets this message very loud and very clear. Our voices need to be heard in their entirety, and in unison. Your voice is needed to help deliver it.

Do you, or an organisation you are part of, care deeply about our precious National Parks and the crucial role they play in preserving biodiversity and natural ecological process? If so, then jump on board!

How?           See below

Parks play a crucial role in keeping nature and our climate healthy. It is time to promote and achieve outcomes that are vital to maintaining the function and resilience of our National Parks, to best enable them to do this important job.

See these outcomes HERE

as an
organisation or an individual do some or all of the following:

- participate in the campaign actions listed HERE
- add your name to our supporter list

- add your energy, skills and ideas to the campaign
- donate to help get our message out and about


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