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OBJECT to development in
Cooloola National Park

Write your own using our simple guide  CLICK HERE
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To open a web-based submission form. Follow the guide there.

With either please follow these 2 steps and then send

1)  Fill your full name and address into the spaces provided
is ensures your submission is formally recorded and you receive a reply)

2)  Make it more powerful

Write in your words (even if it's only just a few) why you think this project is not appropriate.
How will it hurt what you care about?

CLICK HERE for a summary of critical issues.

Attach any files you want - ie pre-written submission or evidence.

Add more value - Tell your local MP

Add your local State MP  to the address line, OR

(if it's easier) send the email and then forward a copy to the local MP.
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Alternative process


Use the info below to make your own submission

If wanted, snail mail addresses are at bottom of page or CLICK HERE

Open a new email and copy/paste the following:
Address line:,,
cc line
Subject Line:
Objection to commercial development in Cooloola National Park 
(if you can change this it helps)

Body of email:
Dear Minister
My name is    
I reside at  
Please record this email as my formal objection to the development plans proposed along the Cooloola Great Walk within Great Sandy National Park.

<State your concerns/reasons for objecting>

I request that:
1) The commercial development proposed for Cooloola National Park be stopped.

2) Return the Nature Conservation Act to pre-2013 form by removing provisions at Section 35(1)(a)&(c) that allow this type of development within Queensland's National Parks, in accord with your party's prior election promises.

Between the brackets above say in your own words what you do not like about the project and why. This can be as long or as short as you can manage.
CLICK HERE for short summary of project issues

  (Ideal, but not essential)
Add your local State MP  to the address line
CLICK HERE for addresses 


Snail mail addresses

Address your letters to:

Minister for Environment

Leanne Linard

Locked Bag 3405,


Minister for Tourism

Stirling Hinchliffe

PO Box 15168,



Anna Palaszszuk

Department of the Premier and Cabinet 

PO Box 15185.


Your local State MP - CLICK HERE for details

If you can please scan and send a copy to either:

PO BOx 191 Rainbow Beach, 4581

Snail Mail
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