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Letter to Minister re
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Sadly the Minister's response to petition signatories did not usefully address the issues of concern presented by the petition.

The response did illustrate the fragile reasoning that supports this private development agenda.

A summary of issues arising from the Minister's response has been drafted and sent to seek further clarification of these matters. We have also sent a request for a meeting with the Minister to discuss these matters.

Please help us

have these matters heard

Use the information in these most recent letters to send you own objections to the Minister, and your request for response to the many unanswered questions,

Minister's reply to Parliamentary Petition
fails to address petition content

Click below to view Ralph Buckley article

Minister's Reply & Petition

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The submitted petition specifically objected to private development leases and private accommodation within National Parks.

The Minister's reply completely avoided this core matter. 


The Minister's reply asserts that these developments are sound and beneficial because of allegedly high worldwide uptake of such development. Eco-tourism expert Ralph Buckley (see article linked above) identifies that such development is almost always located outside of public areas of high conservation value and that standard must be maintained.

The Minister's written reasons for supporting the proposal rely heavily upon ignoring the crucial question of locating private leasing and development inside of National Parks. 

This failure to respond accurately is an extension of the State Government's initial and ongoing failure to consult with the public on this utterly crucial matter of private development in National Parks.

This unpopular change is possible only because of Newman Govt. changes to the Nature Conservation Act. Instead of repealing these changes, as it promised to do when campaigning to remove the Newman Govt., the ALP Govt. is choosing to consolidate that change by stealth and diligent avoidance of public concern.

Your help is sought to make the Govt. properly consult with the public on their proposals to wreak irreversible change to the purpose and use of our National Parks.

What happened to the State Nature Conservation Act?

Two articles by Peter Ogilvie (linked at right) explain the ongoing decay of the Act, beginning with the Newman LNP Govt, and now continued by the ALP Government.

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Govt. correspondence

18-05-22:  Letter from D.E.S.
reply re our letter to Minister (as above)
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NPA reasons to members for support of private development in Park
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