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Double Island Point         Development Site 'D.I. 1'

Di Site_Aerial_Web.jpg
Plan_DI Point_Portrait_600p_1.jpg

Double Island Point is an iconic public headland. It is the only undeveloped headland on the SE Qld mainland. It has immense cultural value to enormous numbers of people.

The planned site (green masked area on adjoining image) is proposed for construction of 10 luxury units and ancillary buildings. This would devastate the pristine coastal woodland that now covers the site and begin a process of site exploitation that would be difficult, if not impossible to control.  

Projecting this stunning location to a wealthy global market, what stops 10 units from becoming 20 and then maybe 30? Project managers say that any expansion from the current proposal would be subject to further approval processes. That 'assurance' gives absolutely no comfort given the abysmal lack of transparency and rigor evident within the process of this current stage of the proposal.

How would the current public use of this beloved headland be compatible with the security of the private development and the amenity of its high-paying guests? How long might it be before public traffic from the north side of the point to the lighthouse is not allowed?

Significant public headlands are just that - significant and public. Private development of luxury unit accommodation has no place on them.

DI Site_4_700p_Web.jpg

The site is intact coastal Woodland. Cabin placement would require removal of around 60% of vegetation. Canopy and ground disturbance would dessicate the site. Daily servicing would bring weeds and risk of pathogens.
Ocean glimpses would stimulate tree clearing to enhance views.

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