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Double Island Point         Development Site 'D.I. 1'

Plan_DI Point_Portrait_600p_1.jpg

Double Island Point is an iconic public headland. Enormous numbers of people visit it each year.

The planned site (green masked area on adjoining image) would provide spectacular views to the 10 luxury units proposed for construction there. This would be very attractive to a wealthy global market. What stops 10 units from becoming 20 and then maybe 30?

Project managers say that any expansion from the current proposal would be subject to further approval processes. That 'assurance' gives absolutely no comfort given the abysmal lack of transparency and rigor evident within the process of this current stage of the proposal.

How will the large volumes of public traffic that traverse this headland be compatible with the security of the private development and the amenity of its pampered, high-paying guests? How long might it be before public traffic from the north side of the point to the lighthouse is not allowed?

Significant public headlands are just that - significant and public. Private development of luxury unit accommodation has no place on them.

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